1. Caspian
  2. Tiny Moving Parts
    Benson, Minnesota
  3. A Will Away
    Naugatuck, Connecticut
  4. Foxing
    St Louis, Missouri
  5. Adjy
    Black Mountain, North Carolina
  6. O'Brother
    Atlanta, Georgia
  7. Heart Attack Man
    Cleveland, Ohio
  8. From Indian Lakes
  9. You Blew It
  10. Sorority Noise
    Hartford, Connecticut
  11. Free Throw
    Nashville, Tennessee
  12. Smidley
    St. Louis, Missouri


Triple Crown Records New York, New York

Triple Crown Records is a New York based record label created in 1997. The label includes artists such as O'Brother, NK, Caspian, Bad Books, Into It. Over It., and Moving Mountains.

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